Genoa 1-1 Fiorentina | Spoils Shared at Luigi Ferraris as Destro and Vlahovic Score | Serie A TIM

に公開 2021/04/03
Both sides had to settle for a point at the Luigi Ferraris after early goals from Mattia Destro and Dusan Vlahovic cancelled each other out | Serie A TIM
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  • Shomurodov Eldor uzbek . Genoa. 👑

  • 1:45

  • Eldor

  • Vlahovic top player

  • дженоа считай отскочила, повезло что Санек не вышел,а то разгром бы был

  • Эльдар.туфта👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • Genoa coach looks kinda cool 0:11

  • Vlahović should come to Juve, we need a striker like him, especially if Dybala leaves.


  • Where is Kokorin ???

  • Женоа камандасига омад ва ешларига Ирода кариларига Имон. улар Бир Куни учун уйнайди. Улар учун тенглик кифоя. Женоа ешларига омод

  • Ribery deserved yellow card and no red !!!

  • Vlahovic is 2m tall and all other players are taller,Fiorentina could play NBA

  • Те, кто следят за Эльдаром?

  • Элборбой!!! Уки-телефон уйинни ташлайолмайсан барибир, яхшиликча енгилрок жойга утавер, кутингга тепиб хайдашларини кутмасдан, яна шу шармандагарчилик етмаяпти бизга, уч йил булдими бошлаганингга, тамом энди одам булмайсан..

  • Shomurodov🇺🇿🇺🇿💪

  • Fiorentina should win the match, and dusan getting better, they really need quality player next summer #Forza Viola from Indonesia

    • Siapa om? Ferdinan Sinaga ya? Lol

  • Eldoooor😁

  • В битве кокса и насвая победила дружба 🤣🤣🤣

  • Players do the fist at the beginning and then give hands at the end.... 🙄

  • Eldor juventisga õt

  • Sharmanda jenoa õz uyida yuta olmadi

  • Eldor😕

  • Fiorentina need batistuta to comeback for them

  • Noce goal from Dusan.


  • Vlahovic n Milenkovic are my fav dream team players

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Какорин просыпайся !

  • 🙏🙏✌

  • Srbija Fiorentina & Partizan Beograd. Vlahović⚽ Milenkovic 💪 SRBIJA

  • FORZA VIOLAAAA!!!! 💜💜💜

  • Forza shomurodov

  • Где шомуродов

  • Vlahovic is, easily, the best striker, since sliced bread.

  • Pulgar is, easily, the best placement kicker, since sliced bread.

  • Fiorentina played 40 minutes one man down and still managed to be more dangerous than Genoa. have a look the statistic if not believing it.

  • Noo Ribery donde te sentaste

  • Узбеки в сборе

  • Eldor Shomurodov super iz Uzbekistan

    • @BANI ADAM UZ. Адамжон пешком ойнамаслик кере Италияда


    • @Алекс Алекс Садыков senga nima qanaqa oyin qiladi

    • @Алекс Алекс Садыков nes tuy fiy

    • Койсангчи, Италияликлар жуда яхши блб колшди ким кандей ойнашини. Пешком юрииииб ойнаш босайди Италияда. Шома шунака ойин киляпди

  • I support this match fiorentina serie a I am happy because fiorentina draw the match serie a

  • I love you serie a

  • Кокорушка

  • Shomurodov 👍👍

  • Jack ❤🖤

  • my fockin malcuit wont get upgraded if you keep suffering a freakin goal every game

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  • Penalty for Genoa at 93’... why don’t you show it

    • GENOA-FIORENTINA - Maresca punisce dopo 57” con un giallo l’entrataccia fuori tempo di Strootman su Pulgar: l’olandese protesta, ma la decisione è giusta. Ineccepibile anche il rosso diretto a Ribery in avvio di ripresa con il piede a martello su Zappacosta. Proteste genoane al 48’ della ripresa: in area viola Eysseric contrasta di spalle Zappacosta. Il francese allontana il pallone, ma sullo slancio con il piede sinistro tocca l’esterno genoano sul piede destro e lo fa cadere a terra. Il fallo c’è, ma lui non fischia e il Var Banti non corregge.

    • @El Machico LOL

    • Simply because it wasn’t penalty, eysseric get the ball with left foot, anticipating zappacosta. What about Strootman foul after 50 second game started, same as ribery foul, instead he got red card. Instead of crying like zappacosta the whole game you should ask yourself how in 40 minutes against 10 men you could not win.

  • The best Vlahovic🔥

  • VLAHOVIC💪🔥🔥🔥